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My Coaching Story

About Me: Welcome

I wanted to be a doctor from the time I was 8 years old. I also knew that I would get married and have lots of kids. I locked onto that dream and 18 years later I received my medical degree. Along that path I met my best friend and husband John, and have since had 3 beautiful, funny, unique, and incredibly loud boys. 

Along that journey I also gained lots of weight and never managed to lose it. I couldn't get my work charts completed and would often be 3-4 weeks behind. I worked on them most nights and weekends and saw vacation time as a chance to catch up.

Sounds FUN, huh?!

I was burnt out and wondering if medicine was even the right career. I loved most of my work but was also miserable at times. 

I had no hobbies, seldom exercised, and rarely saw friends - who has time for those things when you're as "busy" as I am! I really saw that busyness as some kind of badge of honor. Ugh!

I had it all - everything I dreamed of having - yet why did I feel so ... tired, unsatisfied, and unbelievably stressed all the time? Wasn't this the exact life I had built in my mind when I was 8 years old?

Externally yes, but internally I was struggling. I had no clue who I was or wanted to be.

About Me: About Me

Then I found Coaching...

That's when I found life coaching through The Life Coach School and realized that life wasn't happening to me. I was creating this chaos and the unsatisfied feelings that came with it. I started choosing my thoughts intentionally and by thinking about things differently changes began to happen. 

  • Started to eat in a way that made me feel well (and in turn lost 70lbs) 

  • Made time for exercise that I actually enjoyed

  • Began closing my charts on the same day

  • Acknowledged that "perfectionism" is really just a crap reason for never finishing anything. Out with perfect and in with pretty good!

  • Started saying no

  • Put a focus on learning about who I am and what I actually want out of this one life - and then set out making changes to achieve this!

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